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Useful Tips To Help You Properly Maintain Your Home

Maintaining your home can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t good at it. There are many different aspects of taking care of your home, from the garage to keep your kitchen cabinets clean. But fret not! We have compiled a list of helpful tips that will make your life much easier when it comes to taking care of your home.

1. Maintaining The Garage

There are many different ways to effectively maintain your garage. The first tip is getting rid of junk. All those old boxes, bags and containers that you haven’t used in years should be taken out or thrown away immediately. If they aren’t, they will take up all the space in your garage which would make it very difficult for you to park your car. Also, you need to know when your garage door drum needs to be replaced because it can wear out over time. Your garage needs to be clean as your living space because you don’t want mice and cockroaches crawling around your garage. So, your garage needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid clutter that can contaminate the air. You also want to make sure that you clean the floor as this will help prevent any accidents from happening, like slipping on spilt oil or bumping into sharp objects. One good way to keep your garage clean is by using a Shop-Vac. This will help to suck up all the dust and dirt which will make it so much easier for you when it comes time to sweep or mop your floor.

2. Cleaning The Kitchen 

Kitchen cabinets are no different from any other cabinet in your house, you have to clean them out regularly. This should be done at least once a week. All you have to do is remove everything from the cabinets and wipe down all surfaces with a household cleaner like soap or bleach water. If your kitchen counters are also dirty, you can use the same method on these too – but if they are stained, then it is best to use a commercial cleaner. You also want to make sure that you clean under the kitchen sink because this is a favourite spot for cockroaches and ants to hide in.  Apart from cabinets, your kitchen will need to be washed thoroughly. First make sure that all surfaces, as the counters and stovetops are clean. Then you can start with mopping the floor, followed by wiping down cabinets, drawers and finally cleaning the fridge inside and out. If your kitchen rug is dirty then take it outside to wash or replace it if necessary.

3. Make Your Bed Every Day

This may seem like a simple task, but it can have big effects on how your home looks every day. Making your bed every day will make your bedroom look much cleaner and tidier than it would otherwise. You can also save time by making your bed every night as you only have to do one task instead of two separate tasks, which would be making the bed in the morning and unmaking it at night. 

4. Cleaning Your Bathroom

Just like the kitchen, your bathroom will need to be cleaned out. Start by emptying all the cabinets and drawers of their contents and wipe down all surfaces with a household cleaner. If there is any mould or mildew on grout or walls, you can use a bleach solution to get rid of it. You also want to make sure that you clean the inside of your toilet and replace any old or worn-out items, such as toilet brushes or seat covers. You also want to clean the floor because this is a prime location for bacteria to grow.

5. Cleaning Your Living Room

Cleaning your living room should be done regularly too! Start by taking all the cushions off the couch and chairs and vacuuming them thoroughly. This should be done at least once a week, as this will get rid of all the dust that has been building up over time. After cleaning the couches, you can then move on to cleaning any shelves or tables in your living room. If necessary, these too will need to be taken off their stands. You should then sweep or vacuum the floor before wiping down surfaces with a household cleaner.

6. Maintaining The Wood In Your Home

Just like your exterior, you should make sure that the wood in your home is maintained properly. This means checking up on any pieces of furniture made from wood and refinishing them if necessary. Check for weevils in the wood because, apart from their ability to damage crops, they also damage and eat through wood, just like termites. If you do find any in your home, you will need to treat them immediately by calling an exterminator. A great hack to get rid of them is to put bay leaves in the affected area. After you get rid of them, you need to get rid of any damaged wood and put lacquer or a finishing layer on the wood you can preserve.

7. Doors And Windows

Glass surfaces, especially those on windows and doors should be cleaned regularly. If there is any dirt or grime buildup then clean them out first with a household cleaner before treating them with window cleaner for extra shine. Windows need to be cleaned from the inside too because getting grime buildup on the outside is a much easier task. Make sure that you also check for cracks and missing or broken seals, which can make your home drafty and cold during the winter months. This is also important for doors because you will need to check for any gaps that would lead to cold air seeping in.


By regularly checking your home for any issues, you can see whether it needs maintenance or not. You need to consider every room in your home and every corner needs to be checked so you know you’re on the right track. Maintaining your home is a very important task that will help keep your home clean and in good condition. Make sure that you follow these tips to properly take care of your home!

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