Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

7 Ways To Encourage Team-Work Spirit In The Workplace

Teamwork helps in building morale and improving engagement in the workplace, which ultimately results in enhanced productivity. Organizations benefit the most when the employees are working together synergistically. The organizations where teamwork is embedded in the culture, problem-solving, and meeting deadlines are much easier. Since people with different and unique skills will work towards a common goal to produce creative solutions, the organizational goals will ultimately be accomplished.

When employees feel actually invested in achieving a goal together, the organization will ultimately grow leaps and bounds. However, creating a workplace culture that supports teamwork and continuously encourage teamwork spirit is really difficult. 

Here are the 7 most useful ways to develop an organizational culture to foster the spirit of working together.

1. Employ the Right People

If you want to create an environment where team spirit is central, then you need to pay special attention to the people you are bringing in the organization. The employment process should be crystal clear and well-crafted to figure out that the candidate you are considering is a team player or not. While recruiting new employees, human resource professionals should ask relevant questions to judge about his habits and methods of working.

You can ask questions about the previous real-life experiences when the candidate was stuck in a situation with the team and how did he handle it. To know about his mindset, you should focus on the questions about the projects where he has worked as a team member and if he added any value to the project or not.

2. Encourage Informal Social Events

Although it is a common practice to encourage formal team-building events, in some scenarios, employees are coerced to do things that they don’t want to do. Forcing employees to participate in team-building activities is detrimental to teamwork. Usually, the HR managers degrade employees just to show that they are doing more than other team members. The last thing a business owner will want is the resentments to grow among the employees.

It is advised to encourage informal social events to help employees to engage with one another and get to know a bit more about their peers. Instead of building teams ruthlessly like a dictator, it is more effective and fruitful to allow teams to build organically.

3. Share, Praise, and Give Feedback

If the upper management will share information thoroughly and help employees in learning new skills, then they will be motivated to work under the guidelines towards a common goal. A little acknowledgment can go a long way, and if you share the feedback with employees periodically, then they will try to improve over time. Intrinsic rewards can motivate employees to work better to get the recognition as the sense of recognition is among the basic needs of a person.

You can try acknowledging the work done by employees or give them rewards like the employee of the month’s title, a certificate, or anything will work. Employees feel more connected with each other if they wear id cards with customized lanyards. You can get your customized lanyards from an experienced service provider like 4inlanyards to create a sense of harmony among employees.

4. Clarify Goals

Everyone should clearly know the roles and duties that he needs to perform at the workplace. If there is any ambiguity in roles and responsibilities, then it is impossible for employees to work together effectively. The situation may get even worse and you may end up at a point where employees will unfairly delegate their tasks to others which will result in resentment.

Mastering teamwork can make your organization successful, and you will notice a visible difference in the growth patterns of your business. To combat any unfair situation, roles and responsibilities should be clearly documented and should be communicated effectively.

5. Be Inclusive

An incredibly easy way to encourage team spirit is to ensure that everyone in the workplace feels entitled and included in the decision-making process. Being actively inclusive in the workplace is not a hard thing to do as you just need to make sure that the language you use is inclusive to make sure that everyone understands what you want to communicate.

If employees enjoy what they do at the office, they will be motivated to work beyond their limits towards a shared goal. When every worker feels included in the activities being performed at the workplace, the organizational environment will ultimately encourage team spirit.

6. Focus on Strengths

As a team leader or manager, you should never focus on the weaknesses of the team members as it can consequently lower the team’s overall productivity. Employees who use tier strength to their full potential and get appreciated for it are likely to be more engaged in their jobs.

The potential and capabilities of every individual are different. We have different strengths, passions, skills, and weaknesses. Nothing makes an employee superior to another one not even the designation gives you the right to degrade an individual. One of the cornerstones of a great team leader is to focus on the strengths of a team member and what he is capable of doing. This approach can bring together a team of employees that will have combined skillset to get the job done in the perfect way.

7. Reward Team Work

Try to create a compensation system where teamwork is rewarded instead of individual performance to make sure there that employees will be eager to work in teams. Teamwork should be appraised against defined scale and behavior and you can have a reward for the best team player. Try to always explain the behavior and qualities on the basis of which the employee has been performing exceptionally.

Teamwork can be the most essential skill for the prosperity of your business, and if you lack behind, then you will end up losing your valuable employees. An organization where politicking is common, and workers like to play blame games can never hold on to the professional and useful employees.

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