Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

How To Make Your Trips Faster Than Ever

Traveling is an exciting experience for most people, but getting to your destination is only half the battle. Various factors, such as safety, speed, and destination, dictate the mode of transport we use.  Speed is a crucial factor that affects our travels; choosing the wrong means of transport can be costly as well as time-consuming. Most of the time, we find ourselves tied in schedules and meetings; hence, a need to choose a means of transport that will be convenient for us. Each mode of transport has its pros and cons, so coming up with the best choice can be quite a task. Rather than allowing potential hurdles to spoil your exciting travel plans, we will look at the fastest means to make your trip worthwhile.

01. Planes

With planes, numerous transport hurdles such as lunch breaks, boundary checks, and intermediary means of transport are eliminated. You can imagine traveling from the USA to London using a car. You will be required to partake in intermediary transport means like a ship to complete your journey. If you have a private jet, finding the best airport to land might be a problem. However, experts at often advise private jet owners to review the best airports to land. Besides, when flying on a private jet, one should consider contacting a private jet charter specialist to ensure that you have a memorable trip.

Flying saves you a lot of time compared to road transport because lunch and breakfast are served inside a plane, eliminating unnecessary stopovers for meals. Besides, with planes, there are no breaks for inter-border checks, sudden diversions, and traffic snarls, which tend to consume much of travel time. Plane accidents are minimal, and therefore chances of missing essential appointments are low since the runway will be free of disruptions. Flying will enable you to make the most of your vacation trip by ensuring you arrive at your intended places with speed and efficiency.

02. Electric trains

Suppose you are in Japan, the fastest way to travel between Kyoto and Tokyo is through electric trains. Electric trains compared to cars eliminates speed limits, traffic checks, and stopovers, which slows faster travels. The departure and arrival destinations for electric trains are fixed, which reduces stopovers on your journey.  Unlike a train that uses massive diesel engines, electric trains are powered by overhead cables, which makes them lighter; hence, increasing their speed. Traveling in an electric train is more reliable for you, especially when making a trip to a destination harbored by busy routes as it eliminates traffic delays. Connecting stations to a broader network may be impossible with road transport thanks to electric trains that facilitate connecting to various stations. While traveling by trains, you do not need to check in your luggage as compared to going by planes; hence it is time-saving.

03. Electric cars

If you watched or attended the launch of Tesla electric car, you probably know why I included this in my list. If you probably did not, then I would say that electric vehicles are the fastest means to travel on the road. However, they may not be suitable for long-distance due to charging time, but if you need to move to a place within two hours, try tesla models. These cars are even faster than the Lamborghini and Ferraris you know of. Electric cars, unlike other gas cars, do not have engines hence no additional weight, which hinders speed. They are very light and are designed in a streamlined manner to reduce the effects of resistance by the wind. Another boost to their speed is that they generate an instant torque, which means they can zoom past the speed bumps and give you a quick acceleration and deceleration. With electric cars, no clutches and gears, all you have is drive and reverse mode. When traveling in them, your foot is not exhausted since acceleration and decelerations dome by stepping on and removing your foot off the gas pedal. Whenever they break, you can instantly pick up your speed without manipulating the clutches and gears. The efficiency of electric cars makes them the fastest means of traveling on the road.

04. Hyperloop traveling

Though not officially launched, the test of hyperloop traveling technologies has so far shown high levels of success, and we are waiting for full implementation. Hyperloop traveling involves traveling in a pod, inside a decompressed loop/pipe called hyperloop. This means it will be possible to live in New York and work in London. Imagine moving from America to Europe in just less than four hours!  Not even fighter jets can do that. The pods are very comfortable, and you will not have the effects of super speeds. This is the future definition of super-fast and convenient traveling.

Most of us desire to arrive at our destinations faster. Keep in mind your needs, timeframe, and resources, and pick a means of transport that suits your preferences.

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