Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

NEA Launches New NEA-Industry Scholarship Programme For The Environmental Services Industry

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has launched a new NEA-Industry Scholarship Programme for the Environmental Services (ES) industry to attract local talent to join ES companies. This is part of our efforts to build a skilled and resilient ES workforce, which is a key strategy of the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map (ES ITM). Full-term and mid-term scholarships are now available for Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students.

To facilitate the entry of younger, qualified manpower into the ES industry, the new scholarship programme is designed for a targeted group of potential candidates – students who have yet to enrol in ITE and Polytechnics, as well as those who are currently studying in these institutions in disciplines relevant to the ES industry, such as engineering, built environment and sciences. (Refer to Annex A for a list of courses relevant to the ES industry.)

The list of courses identified prepares graduates with relevant knowledge and competencies to take on core and technical occupations in the ES industry. For example, engineering and science courses enable graduates to become Technicians, Technologists, Assistant Engineers and Operations Executives. Similarly, built environment, business and services courses enable graduates to become Operations Executives, while biotechnology and environmental technology courses help prepare graduates to take on laboratory and research roles. More importantly, the courses identified would also address the industry needs for emerging skills and competencies such as Data and Statistical Analytics, Automation Research and Implementation, as well as Robotics and Automation Application. These skills are identified in the Skills Framework for Environmental Services [2] as they are needed in the ES workforce. They are also in line with major trends such as the increasing adoption of technology and innovative solutions within the industry. The acquisition of these skills will in turn shape the ES industry.

The new scholarship programme will be co-funded by NEA and partnering companies based on an 80-20 co-funding model:

Type of Award NEA
(80 per cent)
(20 per cent)
Annual Allowance Per Scholar
Diploma Scholars $12,000
per year
per year
ITE Scholars $6,400
per year
per year


Students who are awarded the full-term scholarship will receive payments of the scholarship quantum per year. Students who are awarded the mid-term scholarship will receive payments of the scholarship quantum for the remaining years of study, and additionally be reimbursed with back-payments for the previous academic years.

Successful scholarship applicants will need to serve a one-year bond for every year of study sponsored. (Refer to table below for an illustration of the respective bond periods).

Type of Award Bond Period for Diploma Scholars Bond Period for ITE Scholars
Full-term 3-year bond 2-year bond
Mid-term 1-year bond for every year of study sponsored 1-year bond for every year of study sponsored

Scholars will also receive a one-time retention bonus of $5,000 from NEA, one year after completing their bond with the company. Scholars must continue to be in service with the company in order to qualify for the retention bonus.

Mr Dalson Chung, Director of Industry Development and Promotion Department, said, “Our vision is to transform the Environmental Services industry into one that is vibrant, sustainable and professional. To do this, we need to attract young and talented individuals who are passionate about Environmental Services, and keen to contribute new ideas and drive changes in the industry. Through this new scholarship programme, we aim to mould young talents who can inject creativity and design thinking into the industry, to innovate and tap on the potential of technology to create solutions that would raise the productivity and efficiency across the industry. More importantly, we hope to provide graduates with an exciting and rewarding career in the Environmental Services industry.”

Applications are now open on the NEA website at NEA will also be conducting career talks and networking sessions with participating companies over the next few months to raise awareness on the new scholarship programme.


For more information on the Skills Framework for ES, visit

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