Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

PMD Etiquette Every Singaporean Should Know

Using personal mobility devices (PMDs) is a convenient and sustainable way in going around the city.  While not as big as the other vehicles that roam the streets, careless driving of PMDs can still cause harm. With this, the responsible use of PMDs is important.

What are the things that you should remember whenever you’re using PMDs? Here’s a rundown for you.

Prepare for a safe ride.

Before going on your journey, check the condition of the following parts of your vehicle:

  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Tyres

Is your device in good condition? It is better to know beforehand if there are parts to repair rather than possibly getting yourself into an accident. Double-check your device first before heading out.

Also, check the height of your handlebars and your seat. Are you in a comfortable position? More importantly, are you in full control in case you suddenly need to stop or make an abrupt turn?

Watch your speed.

Legally, the speed limit is 10 kph on footpaths and 25 kph on shared paths. Make sure you don’t exceed these limits. At the same time, allow some leeway —  don’t hit the speed limit at all times.

Adjust your speed in accord to the road you’re driving on. If there are areas where people can suddenly pop out or if there are obstacles ahead, it is better to slow down.

When crossing streets, don’t try to beat the red light.

Be alert and mindful.

Always keep your hands on the handlebars. Focus on the road and determine ahead of time if you need to make turns or to change course. When there are other riders ahead, keep a safe distance especially when you need to overtake.

Moreover, make sure to keep left unless you are about to overtake. Also mindful of bus stops and public paths where you have to slow down.

During the night and in dark areas, always turn on your lights so that you can alert other people that a vehicle is approaching. It will also allow you to see clearer.

Follow the rules.

Make full use of bicycle crossings and shared paths where they are available. Park properly. Your PMDs should be parked in designated places such as bicycle racks and yellow boxes.

Remember that PMDs can only be used on footpaths and shared paths — do not ride on the roads and pedestrian-only paths no matter how convenient doing so would be.

Be polite.

If there are pedestrians — especially if they are children or the elderly — give way. If there are crowded areas, instead of stubbornly choosing to ride, just walk your device.

Make sure to ring your bell before you overtake pedestrians so that they can move aside.  If they choose not to move aside, adjust by just walking your PMD until you get ahead of them.

Adjusting doesn’t mean that you lose, it means that you are choosing safety. That is exactly what we should do whenever we are using PMDs in general, we should choose safety, first and foremost.

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