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Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

Reasons Why People In New York Want To Shift To New Jersey

You might be thinking why people in New York are leaving their city. Almost every person in the world is attracted by the lifestyle of this city. New Jersey is one of the most modern cities in the United States. One of the main reasons people are leaving is because of their costly and stressed life. People can not save money for the future. That’s why people started shifting over to New Jersey.

In a 2018 survey, 46% of the people are moving to New Jersey from New York for their job. Almost 17% of people shifted to change their lifestyle. Also, 22% of people went to New Jersey to be closer to their family. Besides, every shifted person who moved to New Jersey either had a new job or it was their company’s transfer.

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Amount of People Leaving for NJ

An average 3 out of 10 people from New York intend on moving to New Jersey. New York is the home place for about 8.623 million people(2017). People come to New York thinking it’s a better place, where New Jersey is more comfortable as well as cheaper.

There are a number of people in NY who are thinking about shifting their home. Now, it might grow even more in NJ. Because their costs are far more reasonable and cheaper than NY. Living in New York can be more costly, but it is cheaper in NJ. Their transport system is also way cheaper than NY. In NY, the monthly cost for the metro card costs about $121 monthly and the path card costs $89. Citizens in NJ mostly use path trains that only cost $2.75 per trip. For the buses, they charge only $1.65 per trip.

If you are thinking about moving, but your job is in New York, you can choose to move to the northern part of NJ. It will only take an hour or half an hour to reach your job. In New York City even if you are in that city, you still need at least one hour to travel to your destination because of traffic and other problems. So, it’s pretty obvious that you want to move to NJ.

Cheaper Renting Investments

If your income is high, then you can easily live in New York City. Because of the house, rent expenses can cost you so much money in NY. A decade ago, the cost was an average of $350 per square foot, but then in 2016, it increased to $1760 with 5% or $170 of tax. At this same price point, you can afford a luxury home in NJ.

Yes that might have a higher tax, but you’ll still be able to save some money from that. New Jersey luxury type home rents are equal to an ordinary common apartment in New York, which is so much cheaper than Manhattan and only costs up to $1,500. You can save your money because it’s generally cheaper than New York City. Almost everything is cheaper in NJ. If you want to spend less and save money for future requirements, think about moving.

Having A Car is Affordable

If you bought a car for yourself and need a garage to park in, unfortunately in New York car garages are expensive. These car garages can cost between $250 and $500 per month, which is really expensive just to park your car. And if you wanted a garage with your apartment, it would be so difficult because those kinds of apartments cost a lot of money.

Its counterpart, New Jersey is more affordable. Garages cost much lower than the garages in New York. Some garages are even free to use in NJ. You can park your car in any parking lot and get your job done whether it is shopping or going out; you don’t need any hassle while parking.

Taxes are more reasonable than New York

We mentioned earlier that New York charges more tax than New Jersey. In NY, their sales tax is 8.5%, but in NJ it’s only 3.5%. It’s obvious that people want to save money for their future. The most interesting part is they do not charge extra tax on clothes. It’s just amazing news for fashion lovers who can still save money.

New York also charges a city tax. If your income is more than $500,000 each year, then your city tax rate will be 2.907-3.876%. Now you might ask, does New Jersey have any city taxes or not. If so, what is the rate? Well, New Jersey doesn’t have any city tax.

Move To Stress-Free Life

Almost everyone in NewYork is getting tired of their fast lifestyle. So, they are looking for a more peaceful and tension-free place. Moreover, New Jersey is also modern. It’s way more peaceful and slower. You can live your own without as many costs. New Jersey cities are more relaxed and pleasant than usual. Even after work, you can often hang out with your relatives or friends or you can go on a date.

NJ can also lead a low-cost life, and you don’t need to think about paying bills. You can pay them on time and save your money. You can buy your desired wishes because you don’t need to pay extra tax for that. Groceries are also cheap in NJ. Almost everything in New Jersey is better than New York. People don’t need to think so much about stressful stuff. They just can have extra time for themselves and do whatever they like.

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