Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

Only In Singapore

Going for a vacation or a visit to Singapore? Here are some uniquely Singaporean things you should try out during your stay.

Milo Dinosaur

Milo is a popular powdered chocolate malt drink you can buy in supermarkets in Singapore and some other parts of the world. Meanwhile, Milo Dinosaur refers to a cold Milo drink topped with Milo powder. Yum.


Ice Cream Sandwich

You can see some ice cream stands selling ice cream enclosed in colourful pieces of bread as you walk around the neighbourhood. It is a unique and delightful way to eat ice cream.


Reserving a seat with tissue

While queueing up to order, you can reserve your seat with a tissue. In Singlish, this is called “chope”. While in other countries this might end up with you losing your tissue, Singaporeans honour this as a valid way to reserve seats.

On the flip side, make sure to watch out for tissues or items on the table that might have been used to reserve seats to avoid trouble.


Night Zoo

The Night Safari is the first of its kind. It is a zoo where you can visit at night to see nocturnal animals in action. The night breeze is ideal for an excitement-filled adventure of looking for and interacting with animals in the zoo.

Hangout at the airport

Changi Airport has been voted the world’s best airport for seven consecutive years now and it really lives up to its reputation. There’s more to Changi than just being an airport and the recently opened Jewel Changi is a must-see. While other airports might not entice you to hang around for a long time, Changi is different. The recently opened Canopy park inside Jewel Changi at the top level is simply a sight to behold.


Rooftop Infinity Pool

The Marina Bay Sands is an iconic building dotting the skyline of Singapore. It is a hotel with shopping malls, casino, restaurants and others around its vicinity. You can visit the rooftop deck to enjoy a birds-eye view of the city. If you really want to splurge why not stay at the hotel itself and enjoy its rooftop infinity pool. Watch the stunning sunset while cooling yourself down. Afterwards, you can go to the shopping mall to shop or eat.


Multipurpose Void Deck

Void decks are areas found on the ground floor of a lot of housing blocks in Singapore. These are spaces where people can gather and socialize. Some void decks are simply equipped with chairs and tables where people can hang out. There are unique void decks where facilities such as art galleries, pantries, and cafes are installed.

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