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Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

5 RSAF Things You Should Not Miss At #NDP2019

It’s time of the year again! Curious to find out what the RSAF has lined up for National Day Parade 2019? Here are five things you should look out for!

An A330-MRTT escorted by two F-15SG fighters.

1. First Flypast for Our A330-MRTT

Our newly acquired A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (A330-MRTT) aircraft will be making its highly-anticipated debut! It will be escorted by two F-15SG fighters, and they will be flying past the show centre at Padang in an arrowhead formation.

This advanced tanker aircraft is capable of conducting Air-to-Air Refuelling and airlift missions simultaneously. It can extend the endurance of our fighters, and also be used for aeromedical evacuations and Peace Support Operations. Don’t miss it as it soars gracefully above the Padang!

The Aster-30 will be participating in the mobile column for the first time!

2. Our Aster-30 Among the Mobile Column

Our Aster-30 Ground-Based Air Defence system will also debut at NDP during the mobile column! It’ll be among 171 assets from the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force, and Singapore Civil Defence Force. Operated by 163 SQN, the Aster-30 is capable of providing medium range anti-aircraft and anti-missile capability of up to 70km. It can even engage multiple air threats simultaneously!

The MPSTAR and SPYDER at the NDP 2019 rehearsal.

Besides the Aster-30, our Mounted-Portable Search and Target Acquisition Radar (MPSTAR) and our Surface-to-air PYthon-5 and DERby (SPYDER) systems will also be taking part in the mobile column. Do look out for them!

An F-15SG executing the High-G turn! Picture Credit: Marcus Chen

3. The Roar of Our F-15SGs

You can’t miss the heart gripping aerial displays by our F-15SG fighters. Get your cameras ready, and enjoy the sound of freedom, as our aircrew execute some sleek and precise manoeuvres!

Besides the crowd-favourite Bomb Burst, our F-15SGs will also be executing the Shackle Manoeuvre, and a High-G turn followed by a vertical climb. Be prepared to catch some shots of the afterburners in the dusk sky!

The State Flag Flypast is the highlight of NDP every year!

4. Our State Flag Across the Marina Bay

Look how far Singapore has come, from a humble fishing village 200 years ago, till today. As you sing the National Anthem, ‘Majulah Singapura’, our CH-47SD Chinook, escorted by two AH-64D Apaches, will carry the National flag across the show centre. Feel the pride, but don’t cry!

5. The Restrictions On Flying of Drones and Kites

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore will be establishing a temporary Restricted Area over Padang and surrounding areas on selected days in July and August. This is to ensure the safety of the public and low-flying aircraft following the array of aerial activities required for NDP rehearsals. The temporary Restricted Area extends from ground level to 600 feet above mean sea level.

It is in effect on the dates and timings stated below, including those for rehearsals and previews. In the event of inclement weather conditions on any of the planned dates, the reserve dates may also be utilised.

During the stated dates and timings, aerial activities such as kite-flying, hoisting of captive balloons and the operation of unmanned flying aircraft, such as drones, are prohibited unless authorised by CAAS. Hefty penalties of a S$20,000 fine for first offence, and a S$40,000 fine and imprisonment of up to 15 months for subsequent offences will be imposed. To find out more on how you can fly your drones safely, refer to the infographic at

Always remember to fly safely and responsibly!

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