Back in Janaury 2015 the Municipal Services Office (MSO) launch the OneService app. The app aims to make it more convenient for the public to send service requests and feedback on municipal issues around Singapore. OneService serves as a common platform for all requests as it routes each feedback to the relevant agency for fast response and action.

The OneService App categories for reporting municipal issues on the go.

OneService started with 7 categories but is now improved to have 12 categories for municipal issues, namely :

  1. Animals & Birds
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Pests
  4. Roads and Footpaths
  5. Drains and Sewers
  6. Parks and Greenery
  7. Facilities in HDB Estates
  8. Drinking Water
  9. Construction Sites
  10. Abandoned Trolleys
  11. Shared Bicycles
  12. Others

When user selects an issue there are subcategories listed under it to make it easier to report and give feedback. Users can view the progress of their feedback under `Track Cases` and rate their experience when the issues are resolved.

The subcategories listed under “Facilities in HDB Estates” category, to give feedback on maintenance issues in HDB estates.

The Android and iOS app are complemented by the OneService web portal which shows additional information such as news, services directory, facilities and amenities in the neighbourhood, recycling points, and others.

The OneService Portal complements the OneService App by giving useful information about neighbourhoods and municipal matters.

The feedback received are further analysed by OneService to improve the services of the respective agencies involved. If you have suggestions to improve the OneService App and Portal, you can reach them directly at [email protected].

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