The Urban Redevelopment Authority has updated their geospatial map website with more comprehensive information. The online map consolidates detailed land use information, master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, car park locations and availability, private residential property transactions and conservation areas and buildings. The map can be accessed here :

It completely available to everyone for free and can be accessed even on iOS and Android tablets.

Land and space are scarce and prime assets for Singapore. These assets are crucial for development and growth of the nation. Unlike other countries which has the luxury of vast spaces and land, Singapore must put every inch available into proper use.  Through reclamation, the little red dot has grown over the years with a goal to reach a total land size of 76,600ha by 2030.

The URA geospatial map provides great insights for those who want to develop properties, start business or even just explore and learn more about the spaces in Singapore. Singapore is one of the very few countries on the planet who can provide a thorough and detailed information like this map to the general public for viewing let alone undertake this project.

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