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Reasons Why People Are Obsessed With Beauty

It is easy to think that we are individualists: we know our own minds and have our own opinions. Actually, we are all a product of our time. Many things we believe today were discounted centuries ago. People may think their idea of beauty is an objective reality. Actually, it can be highly subjective, and many of our views have been conditioned by external sources.

The clothes, accessories, and makeup industries are big business today. Billions of dollars are made each week, as people strive to maintain their look or to ‘improve’ themselves. But what is actually driving individuals to do this:  a genuine desire to look nice or a driven wish to look different or to conform? This article gives us a few reasons why people are so obsessed.

The Desire to Look or Feel Better

It would be a wrong assumption to think that people who have cosmetic surgery are merely vain individuals. Women with oversized breasts may have back problems and feel really self-conscious. Many children have surgery for cleft palates or cleft lips to improve their appearance. Other people have different sorts of disfigurement. In many cases, people feel less stared at and more comfortable in their skins after receiving cosmetic treatment.

The internet provides much helpful information on the subject. The professionals at the website here say that advice and guidance can often be provided after hours. Qualified medical doctors may harness specialized equipment such as those that conduct skin analysis to rate sun damage. Reputable surgeons are also realistic about what they can and cannot do. It is good to know that wise counsel and procedures can become available for those who value it.

Media Portrayals

In Hollywood films, it is practically a given that female spies will look stunning, and female nuclear scientists will be attractive blondes. In this world, beauty is considered to be a peoples’ defining feature.

People love to worship celebrities and buy magazines that show their ‘perfect bodies’ and ‘perfect lives’. This feeds an unrealistic expectation of what life is really like. Not everyone is a male or female model with flawless skin. Actually, many magazine photos are touched up by photographers to remove blemishes and spots.

Female models walking down the catwalk become the ‘ultimate look’ many aspire to. The reality is that underweight bodies have been portrayed as the ideal. We hear the word ‘unrealistic body image’, and the media is one of the voices declaring what is realistic. This can result in people experiencing eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. Others become depressed or have low self-esteem. The reality is that tall people can carry their weight better than short people, and not everyone is overweight through eating too much.

Social Media 

People use social media for many reasons and have differing motivations for their posts. Some want to publish humor content, while others feel the need to portray their ‘perfect life’, just like the media does with celebrities. Everyone wants to be liked and accepted, so posting selfies are a massive phenomenon. The person posting will then be counting the likes and shares, and reading any comments.

Beauty Has Benefits

The fact is, people really do judge books by their covers. Businesses can statistically prove that advertising with models can be highly lucrative. People also reward companies that employ classically attractive staff. Politicians that are pleasing to the eye can be eye candy for the electoral machine.

A stunning female with a broken down car is far more likely to get ‘a knight in shining armor’ to help. Another may be about to receive a parking ticket, but a quick giggle and a flutter of the eyelids may work wonders. If a person looks good they will feel good. Because they feel good they will make sure they look good. It’s a cyclical process.

Beauty is big business, as we have seen. Many ‘attractive’ people use up to a third of their income maintaining and enhancing their look. Companies will use whatever hooks they can to generate sales, even if it is by promoting a one-sided view of beauty and personal value.

The reality is that the world should employ a holistic approach. We are body, soul, and spirit. We should not be assessed on just our outward looks. Our sense of personal worth shouldn’t be based on how we appear or what we do. Having said that, cosmetic surgery has a place for people who struggle to feel good about themselves and want to address physical issues.

The process of aging cannot be resisted. Our wrinkles are not our enemies. They are a part of who we are and the life we have lived, as they become etched into our faces. Beauty is more than skin deep.

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