The SG Together Alliance for Action (AfA) – Online Ordering for Hawkers has appointed representatives from the hawker community, industry, and government agencies, to lead efforts to help hawkers benefit from going online.

The 20-member AfA, comprises members representing hawkers, online ordering platforms, community groups running ground-up initiatives like group buy and ‘dapao’ platforms, and others. The AfA kicked off with a first conversation on 17 June to identify the broader issues and challenges experienced by hawkers in leveraging digital food platforms to supplement their business, including adoption, business models, and consumer awareness.

In support of the AfA’s work, Digital Ambassadors (DAs) from the SG Digital Office (SDO) have been engaging stallholders in hawker centres managed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) or NEA-appointed operators to raise awareness on the online ordering options popular with consumers.

Our DAs explain to hawkers the unique features and benefits of various platforms, including those that do not charge any commission or sign-up fees.

Since 20 June, our DAs have engaged more than 4,500 stallholders. Of the hawkers engaged, 33% shared that they are already using online ordering platforms to reach more customers, prior to engagement. Of those who indicated that they have not onboarded any platforms, about 14% signed up or expressed interest to do so, after the first engagement by the DAs.

As hawkers have varied needs, the AfA recognises there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all hawkers, and some hawkers may not want to tap on these solutions. Moving forward, we aim to continue to raise awareness of other digital options available to hawkers. This is to help hawkers understand the various options available so they can make informed decisions on what best meet their needs.

The AfA’s work covers a range of issues hawkers face. The appointed co-leads in the three workstreams will be exploring further ideas and possible solutions with their workstream participants to address hawkers’ concerns more comprehensively (see Annex for quotes from the respective co-leads). The co-leads and their respective workstreams are:

Workstream 1: Supporting Our Hawkers to Adopt Online Ordering Services

Co-led by Mr Anthony Low, Chairman of the Hawker Division at The Federation of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore (FMAS), and Mr Andrew Low, Group Director of the Hawker Centres Group at the National Environment Agency (NEA), this workstream aims to raise awareness of online ordering platforms amongst hawkers, and explore ways to make online ordering more accessible to hawkers.

The workstream will also develop initiatives to equip less digitally-savvy hawkers with the relevant skills to manage online orders as well as strengthen their digital presence by helping them to develop curated menus and better marketing plans on both social media and online ordering platforms. Doing so will empower hawkers to leverage on opportunities that online ordering options can bring.

Workstream 2: Developing a Sustainable Business Model

The second workstream will work towards developing a sustainable fee structure for hawkers and consumers. Helmed by co-leads, Ms Chay Pui San, Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Grab Singapore and Mr Varun Saraf, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of WhyQ, the workstream will identify ways to address platform charges to hawkers.

Workstream 3: Activating Demand Amongst Consumers

The third workstream aims to activate demand amongst consumers to support hawkers. To achieve this, the co-leads, Mr Lim Gek Meng, Chairman of the Chinatown Complex Hawkers’ Association and Mr Joe Sng, Associate Director of Fei Siong Group will work with the AfA members to raise consumer awareness of the hawkers on online ordering platforms through digital and offline means.

With the trend of online food ordering expected to continue in the new normal, the workstream will build and expand on existing ground-up efforts to drive greater consumer demand for hawkers to go online.

Facilitating Choices for Hawkers

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, objectives mapped out by the AfA remain pertinent. Feedback and recommendations from the three workstreams will be incorporated into the AfA (see Annex B for the list of attendees to the first session of the AfA), with key updates to be shared progressively. The workstreams aim to finalise details of proposed projects and initiatives by September 2021.

~~ End ~~

For more information, please submit your enquiries electronically via the Online Feedback Form or myENV mobile application. Alternatively, you contact us at 6225 5632


Quotes From Co-leads Helming The Three Workstreams

Workstream 1: Supporting Our Hawkers to Adopt Online Ordering Services

“As a hawker, I understand the hesitation faced by fellow hawkers when it comes to tapping on digital platforms. Not all hawkers are digitally-savvy and have the necessary skills to manage online orders and deliveries, as well as market their business online. However, it is important for hawkers to stay relevant so that we can continue to contribute to our rich food heritage. Through this workstream, I hope to be able to bring hawkers together to exchange ideas and tips on how to better provide the hawker community with confidence and assistance to go digital, if they wish to.”

–        Mr Anthony Low, Chairman of the Hawker Division at The Federation of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore (FMAS)

Workstream 2: Developing a Sustainable Business Model

“We hope to contribute ideas from our past year working with hawkers to bring them online through our Hawker Centre 2.0 programme. We also look forward to good exchanges and ideas from AfA members on how we can work with hawkers to build their confidence in coming online, and how we can help them reach more consumers.”

–        Ms Chay Pui San, Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Grab Singapore

“We hope to make food delivery more sustainable for hawkers, customers and our industry partners. We also hope to have a unified approach where all stakeholders come together to help hawkers sell and grow their business physically and online. Singaporeans will be able to benefit from the convenience of ordering affordable hawker food at the comfort of their homes.”

–        Mr Varun Saraf, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of WhyQ

Workstream 3: Activating Demand Amongst Consumers

“Having been in the hawker trade for more than 60 years, I have witnessed many ups and downs. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created a new set of challenges for hawkers, especially for those who depend solely on walk-in business and are based in the Central Business district. During the recent no dine-in period, some hawkers have pivoted and adjusted their operation and it was almost business-as-usual for them. There are clearly benefits in going digital and I hope to be able to work with various members in the workstream to drive greater demand such that hawkers will be further incentivised to take advantage of online ordering and food delivery options.”

–        Mr Lim Gek Meng, Chairman of the Chinatown Complex Hawkers’ Association

“Singaporeans are proud of our Hawker Culture and have shown their love and support for hawkers through a variety of initiatives. Through this workstream, my co-lead and I hope to build on existing initiatives to help bolster the local hawkers’ businesses as well as explore ways to tap on community networks to rally Singaporeans to come together to support and patronise hawker stalls.”

–        Mr Joe Sng, Associate Director of Fei Siong Group



List Of Attendees To The First Session Of the AfA

Industry/Platform Representative Hawker Representatives Community Voices
1. Mr Baru Walia (Chief Operating Officer, Bungkus)

2. Mr Azahari Aziz (CEO, Bungkus)

3. Mr Timothy Tan (Sales Development Representative, Deliveroo)

4. Mr Atta Hamid (Sales Lead, Deliveroo)

5. Ms Cassandra Pek (Head of Sales, Foodpanda)

6. Mr Yang Li (Government, Public Affairs, Foodpanda)

7. Ms Ngiam Xin Wei (Managing Director, Deliveries, Grab Singapore)

8. Ms Jermaine Loo (Deputy Director, Public Affairs & Policy, Grab Singapore)

9. Mr Alan Goh (Chief Revenue Officer, Oddle)

10. Mr Tan Wei Lin (General Manager, Oddle)

11. Mr Rishabh Singhvi (Co-Founder & CEO, WhyQ)

12. Mr Varun (Co-Founder & CEO, WhyQ)

1. Mr Yeo Hiang Meng (President, Federation of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore (FMAS))

2. Mr Low Hock Kee, Anthony (Chairman of the FMAS Hawker Division and Hawkers’ Association Chairman for 221 Boon Lay Place Market and Food Village)

3. Mr Lim Gek Meng (Chairman of Chinatown Complex Market Hawkers’ Association)

4. Mr Melvin Chew (second-generation hawker at Chinatown Complex Market and founder of the Hawkers United-Dabao Facebook page)

5. Mr Jerome Lim (Digitalisation Rep of Chinatown Complex Market Hawkers’ Association)

6. Mr Rahmat Sawie (Secretary for Pasar Geylang Serai Merchants’ Association)

7. Mr Joe Sng (Associate Director, Fei Siong. Socially-Conscious Enterprise Hawker Centre (SEHC) Operator for Ci Yuan Hawker Centre)

8. Ms Joey Wong (Marketing Manager, Timbre+. SEHC Operator for Yishun Park Hawker Centre)

9. Ms Pauline Low (General Manager, Timbre+. SEHC Operator for Yishun Park Hawker Centre)

10. Mr Jeffrey Lim (Head, Food Courts, Coffeeshops and Hawker Centres, Foodfare. Operator for multiple SEHC hawker centres

11. Mr Yong Lye Yong (Head, Hawker Centre Unit, Fairprice Group)

1. Ms Jacquelyn Ng (Co-Creator, wheretodapao Instagram page)

2. Mr Jeremy Book (Creator, SavetheHawkers Telegram Bot)

3. Ms Chua Mui Hoong (Opinion editor from The Straits Times and she was a member in the UNESCO nomination committee)





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