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Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

How To Stand Up For Yourself At Work

Work-life has its own complications and challenges and there’s no way you will get a job in an organization or a company that you are 100% satisfied with. Unless you own your own company, you will find yourself changing companies, managers, and positions throughout your career running away from abusive bosses, bad management, and poor employee morale. The market has become extremely competitive to the extent that it is very hard for a regular employee to stick to one company for a long time. Standing up for yourself at work will probably be the only thing you can do to be able to adapt and maintain your position and company for a long period. If you are having trouble at work and you are not sure how to turn things around for yourself, you will find this article very useful.


You need to be able to communicate about challenges, updates, give feedback to your colleagues and managers. If you’re not able to communicate clearly and effectively then you are not doing things right. You don’t have to work late and be happy about it, we all know that there’s no way out of doing the tasks and actions our managers ask us to do or take care of but that doesn’t mean we have to be okay with it. If your manager is making you work late, feel guilty about taking vacations or force you to come to work when sick, then they need to know that you understand business needs but you’re not very happy about it. If you don’t do it nicely and professionally you will end up getting yourself in trouble and if you don’t talk about it at all, you’ll end up feeling like your manager’s being unfair to you, not allowing you to take days off when everyone else is.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Action When Needed 

If you get a work injury don’t be afraid to file a claim against your company, that’s exactly why in some states worker’s compensation is mandatory insurance. So as soon as you get in an accident at work make sure you hire an attorney and get help with your claim so you can ensure compensation and financial aids for your medical bills and any financial losses that resulted from your injury or disability. You have to talk to the people at work about your injury as well as your lawyer as soon as you can, to avoid conflict. There are minor and very specific situations at work that will require more assertiveness and determination than any other or you will be actually getting more losses than gains with this job. If you’ve been in an accident that results in a work injury or disability, for example, you need to make sure you take all the steps and necessary actions to ensure the compensation you deserve.

Be Clear, Firm and Transparent

The only thing that separates work from your personal life is that you can be as indecisive and lost all you want personally, but if you are also like that at work then you’ll have an actual problem. You need to make sure you are very strong, confident, and therefore crystal clear when dealing with clients, colleagues, and managers. You don’t want to be a pushover and give others a chance to override you at work or deal with subordinates that make everything look like it’s your fault. You also have to try and learn to be transparent in a political way. For example, if an employee steals one of your ideas, don’t stay quiet but don’t embarrass them in front of others either. You can thank them for the idea and taking the initiative to introduce it and start talking about its details instead. Try to treat others the way you would like to be treated, putting yourself in their shoes and be straightforward.

It’s important to understand when you need to stand up for yourself and when to let go. That doesn’t just come to you overnight. You need to carefully observe and evaluate situations to be able to get what you deserve and avoid becoming just another pushover. Having enough confidence to make your own way at work will not only help you become more comfortable and satisfied with your job, but it will pave the way for you to get more exposure, gain experience, and even get promoted. If you are not 100% ready to transform your attitude at work, you might find it helpful to try and fake things a little bit until you’re comfortable enough to speak up on your own. Just imagine that you’re the most confident, assertive, and expressive person you know and you’ll be fine.

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