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Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

Why Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Electric scooters seem like a fun way of getting around the city, but they’re far more hazardous than they might seem.

Unfortunately, many scooter riders are getting into serious accidents. Motor scooter accidents are catastrophic because riders lack protection and stand no chance against a much larger vehicle.

Making matters worse, your average person is unaware of this and may easily be enticed by a cheap fee to use them. They also seem easy to use, which can cause older folks that lack balance to get on a scooter and wind up with an injury.

You should avoid making this mistake yourself because an accident is likely to cause permanent damage. To help you appreciate the risk posed by riding an electric scooter, we’ll point out why they’re dangerous below.

Poor Handling

Electric scooters tend to have poor handling, which makes it easier to crash.

This comes down to the design of scooters. Most consist of two wheels connected to a slim board that has a vertical pole with handlebars in front of it.

Only having two wheels is a disadvantage because you have less surface area gripping the road. This makes it harder to perform precise movements.

A slim board is also worrisome because it means that you must stand the entire time while maintaining balance.

Arguably the greatest challenge is the pole and handlebars used to steer an electric scooter. This type of steering is inefficient because any minor movements have a much more severe effect on your trajectory.

Putting all of this together, scooters are simply a challenge to operate because they are poorly designed for control and steering.

Rider Ineptitude

One of the most important factors that make a motor scooter dangerous is rider ineptitude.

This is the lack of knowledge your average electric scooter will surely have. You’ve likely ridden a scooter of some sort before, but the likelihood of operating an electric scooter is much slimmer.

The scooters you can rent on most city streets don’t require any special training to use. However, electric scooters do require proper usage to ensure your safety.

For example, if you’re a new scooter rider then you may not anticipate an increase in speed when going down a hill. This increase can easily lead to a speed wobble, which causes your front wheel to turn back and forth rapidly.

Even an experienced rider can crash as a speed wobble causes them to lose control of the scooter.

Most riders are not experienced and this makes scooters all the more dangerous. Whether you misunderstand how to control your scooter, make a mechanical mistake, or make a judgment error, the consequences of doing so on a public road are severe.

Road Incompatibility

It also doesn’t help that electric scooters are incompatible with current road designs.

Just about any road is designed for modern cars, meaning larger vehicles with four wheels. While a scooter can certainly ride on public roads, it isn’t well-equipped to do so.

The problem with electric scooters is that they lack stability. Because you must maintain balance at all times, anything that interferes with this will make a crash likely. Not only are scooters bad for normal roads, but they’re also ineffective at handling road hazards.

For example, you may be riding down the road and hit an unexpected pothole. A car can withstand this shock, but a scooter will likely get trapped and send you flying.

Roads will never change to accommodate electric scooters, so this is an issue that won’t change unless scooter designs improve.

Lack of Helmets

All of the issues mentioned above are compounded by the fact that most riders do not wear a helmet.

While a helmet won’t do your body much good when hit by a car, it’s effective for any other accident that might occur. Not all electric scooter crashes involve cars, nor do they involve another party.

You may get into an accident with another scooter rider, a biker, or a pedestrian. Alternatively, you might crash into a curb, sign, parked car, or anything else that isn’t a moving car.

In these circumstances, having a helmet is highly effective at avoiding a head injury. You may endure a concussion or worse by sustaining a blow to your head.

A helmet is great for protecting against this and you’re likely to encounter a scenario where one would be helpful while riding an electric scooter.

Although electric scooters are easily accessible, they often do not come with helmets. This leaves it up to you as a rider to bring a helmet, which is unlikely and often defeats the convenience of riding a scooter.

Helmets are essential while riding an electric scooter, but they just aren’t available. This just reinforces how inherently dangerous scooters are.

Closing Thoughts

Electric scooters are becoming popular due to their relative ease of use, affordability, and convenience. However, they are risky to use because of their design and how riders use them.

A few reasons why motor scooters are dangerous include the fact that they provide poor handling, rider ineptitude, incompatibility with public roads, and a lack of helmets.

Scooters are dangerous, but they can be enjoyed with precautions. Remember to always wear a helmet, take it slow, know your limits, and avoid any busy streets to limit your risk of a serious scooter injury.

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