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Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

Elevated Safe Distancing Measures On Public Transport

Since March this year, some safe distancing measures have been introduced in the public transport network. These include queue markers at retail establishments and General Ticketing Machines in bus interchanges and train stations.

In line with the implementation of the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s elevated set of safe distancing measures from 7 April 2020, the Land Transport Authority will implement the following additional safe distancing measures in the public transport network:

Safe Distancing Stickers

All trains and train stations, as well as buses, bus interchanges and bus stops will be progressively marked with safe distancing stickers. Standing spaces and seats that should be avoided will be marked out. Commuters should adhere to the spaces that are demarcated, to maintain safe distances from others when commuting.

Public Transport Operators’ (PTOs) Transport Ambassadors (TA) and bus captains, together with LTA’s enforcement officers, will ensure that public transport commuters maintain safe distances, for example, by limiting the number of commuters who can enter train stations and buses.

Transport Ambassador Scheme

In the weeks ahead, LTA is working with PTOs to progressively deploy Transport Ambassadors who will support the implementation of safe distancing measures in the public transport network.

Thermal Scanners

Thermal scanners will be deployed at selected stations to provide an additional layer of screening before commuters enter the public transport network. Commuters who have been picked up by the scanners as having a fever will not be allowed to enter the station and be asked to seek medical attention at the nearest clinic(s) immediately. For a start, these thermal scanners have been deployed at Serangoon and Tiong Bahru MRT stations.

Be Socially Responsible

Beyond the measures above, we would like to remind all commuters to be socially responsible. During this period when the elevated set of safe distancing measures are in force, everyone is advised to stay at home and avoid unnecessary commutes. Commuters are reminded to avoid travelling on the public transport network and visit their nearest clinic(s) if they are unwell. Those who need to travel for essential purposes should put on a reusable face mask when travelling in the public transport network, and refrain from crowding. They should also follow the instructions given by Transport Ambassadors and LTA’s enforcement officers so that we can preserve the elevated measures during this challenging period.

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