Singapore and Australia have renewed the 2017 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cybersecurity cooperation, to further strengthen and expand cooperation and information sharing.

The MOU was signed by Mr David Koh, Chief Executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, and Dr Tobias Feakin, Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Technology, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia.

The MOU will promote cooperation in:

  1.  Information exchange and sharing
  2.  Joint cybersecurity exercises
  3.  Training to develop awareness and skills
  4.  Sharing of best practices and promoting innovation
  5.  Regional confidence-building measures
  6.  Regional capacity building.

Mr Koh said, “Singapore and Australia recognise that there is a need to continue to expand efforts to address a complex cybersecurity landscape. This MOU will facilitate more opportunities for both countries to work together to contribute to a secure and resilient cyberspace. We are excited to drive this cooperation forward.”

About the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) provides dedicated and centralised oversight of national cyber security functions, and works with sector leads to protect Singapore’s critical services. It also engages with various industries, and stakeholders to heighten cyber security awareness as well as to ensure the holistic development of Singapore’s cyber security landscape. The Agency is part of the Prime Minister’s Office and is managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information. Information on CSA is available at

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