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Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

3 Monthly Expenses You Can Trim To Save Money In The City

Living in a city does not only come with convenience it also comes with a higher price tag. We are going to share how you can save money when you live in a city with a high cost of living. Keep reading to learn some monthly expenses you can cut back in and watch your savings account grow even if you live in a city like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York.

There is no reason to be overspending your money or being part of the 61% of workers that live paycheck to paycheck.

1. Car Payment

If you have a car payment this might be a big and unnecessary expense. Even if your car is paid off, you have to pay for insurance every month, registration every year, and gas to drive it around. Some cities you might also have to pay to park it somewhere because of the tight living spaces. 

Why not sell your car and save all of that money every month? This will add up quickly and instead of driving your car around you will also help the environment. If you opt for taking public transportation you will have a minimal monthly expense compared to what you are currently paying. 

You can also opt to ride your bike around instead and spend $0 while getting a workout in. If you currently pay for a gym membership the bike workout might be enough to cut out that expense too. If you are considering using something like debthunch to cut back on auto expenses and wondering is debthunch legit you can get your answers here.

2. Cook Yourself

You might be used to eating out because the convenience and options in restaurants might be tempting, but why not go grocery shopping instead and be your own personal chef? If you have a long commute or long workdays, meal prep to make dinner time easier. 

Planning ahead of time will not make cooking seem like a chore. Instead, you will feel prepared and possibly excited to put your chef skills to the test.

3. Coffee Coffee Coffee

While we all love the scenes from the show Friends of hanging out in the local coffee shop, this expense can add up quickly if you are going out for coffee every day. Instead of spending money on a daily basis on a cup of coffee, invest in a coffee pot, good coffee and make your own. 

If you pay $4 on average for your coffee cup, you will save around $120 every month on coffee alone! What can you do with an extra $120?

Which Monthly Expenses Will You Trim Out of Your Spending?

Now that you have learned a few monthly expenses that you can trim out of your spending every month you can start seeing extra money in your account. If you are used to living paycheck to paycheck this will be a life-changing lifestyle for you.

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