Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

Pasir Panjang Park – The First Park To Be Designed And Built Together With The Community, For The Community

The National Parks Board (NParks) launched the citizen park programme at the site of the future Pasir Panjang Park. The area of approximately 9 ha is set aside for stakeholders to reimagine the park experience and be involved in the design, development, and management journey of Pasir Panjang Park. Announced by Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong in October 2019, the citizen park programme is part of the Singapore Together movement, and will form an extension of the NParks Friends of the Parks initiative.

More than 50 parks over the next five years will be included in this effort and the engagement process will be tailored to each park, according to the demographics and history of each location. This gives the community the opportunity to work with NParks to co-create parks with facilities that meet their needs. The community can have a hand in designing and developing parks for other fellow Singaporeans, giving Singaporeans a stake in shaping their home. Pasir Panjang Park will be the first park to benefit from this initiative.

Partnership – a key part of NParks’ work

Over the years, NParks has worked closely with partners to create parks and green spaces for Singaporeans to enjoy. With the new initiative under the Singapore Together movement, NParks will be engaging a wider range of stakeholders, with a greater level of participation and commitment than previous engagement efforts. The community will be involved as early as possible. For parks that have yet to be conceptualised, the community will be invited to participate starting from the design phase to the construction phase, as well as to manage the park after its completion.

Pasir Panjang Park

The new Pasir Panjang Park, stretching from West Coast Park to Labrador Nature Reserve, is part of the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW), and will be completed in phases, with the first section following the engagement targeted for completion in 2021. The GSW extends from Pasir Panjang Terminal to Marina East, and covers 30 km of Singapore’s southern coastline.

Minister Wong launched the first session today with over 60 stakeholders, consisting of residents, interest groups, corporates and businesses in the vicinity of Pasir Panjang Park, who have come on board to be part of the process in reimagining the park experience. When the park is completed, the community will have the opportunity to curate programmes such as guided tours to discover or rediscover Singapore’s natural and maritime heritage, or organise events to build new bonds or strengthen existing ones among the community.

PSA Corporation Limited (PSA) contributed some $3.5 million to the project through the Garden City Fund, NParks registered charity and IPC. PSA will also be deeply involved in the journey as they have committed to join the community in the area to co-create the park. Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International, said, “PSA is delighted to collaborate with NParks and the community to co-create Pasir Panjang Park, which will integrate the port with our local surroundings and add vibrancy to the area. Pasir Panjang Terminals have been alongside the community for over 20 years and we are thrilled with the opportunity to give people a first-hand look at our port area via the PSA viewing deck alongside the park, creating a better park experience for all and raising awareness of our bustling port activities in Singapore.”

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