The National Day Parade (NDP) 2019, themed ‘Our Singapore’, calls on Singaporeans to come together and be pioneers of our future. To tell Singapore’s story from past to present, NDP 2019 will be staged as one integrated show that celebrate the shared values that shaped our nation.

Laid out in six Acts1, it tells of the collective will and commitment of Our People and Our Strength in defending and securing our home; Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage as portrayed in Our River, symbolic of the Singapore River where many of our ancestors began their lives in Singapore; the resilience and courage Singaporeans possess that makes Our Nation; children of today fulfilling Our Dreams as pioneers of tomorrow; and the duty of the next generation to continue building Our Singapore. To commemorate Singapore’s bicentennial, there will be a nostalgic segment, Our Bicentennial, that features floats representing organisations that have played a role in building Singapore in our early years, and continue to be relevant today. The floats highlight the transformation of Singapore, signifying how far we have come.

Sharing his thoughts on how NDP 2019 will inspire Singaporeans, Chairman of the Show Committee Colonel Lim Han Yong said, “NDP 2019 will be staged as one integrated Show to tell Singapore’s story from past to present. We will also celebrate our values of unity, resilience, and the courage to dream. These values have defined Singaporeans across generations, and they will continue to guide us as we chart our way forward as pioneers of our future. ”

Spectators at the Padang and at home can expect to be immersed in performances put up by about 2,700 performers, with highlights such as a combined schools marching band’s dance performance, vibrant costumes and giant props, as well as exciting laser displays. The Show experience will be further accentuated by the LED wristbands that spectators will be given, which will light up in synchronisation during the Acts. Home-grown singers will be featured performing NDP classics like One People, One Nation, One Singapore, Stand Up for Singapore, Count on Me Singapore, and Our Singapore, which will bookmark each Show Act. This year’s cast is also representative of the forward-looking Show, with over 2,300 youths forming the bulk of the performers.

NDP 2019 will culminate in a grand finale, Our Singapore, with all performers and spectators reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem, against the backdrop of a spectacular fireworks display.

1 NDP 2019 comprises a Prologue and six Acts. The Show Acts refer to Our River, Our Nation, Our Dreams and Our Singapore.


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