Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape
Connecting Dots Across Asia's Tech and Urban Landscape

Here’s The Ultimate City Bike

With our cities becoming more congested, and climate change as a major global problem, more and more people are opting for bikes as their main mode of transportation. Bikes are convenient, fast, helps provide us with an active lifestyle and sustainable too. So, if you want to adapt to this cycling lifestyle, Brompton Bikes are the ultimate folding city bike.

Designed For Cities

Commuting in cities can be tedious, not to mention stressful at times. Brompton’s lightweight, durable, and foldable design allows you to cruise the city streets perfectly.

Brompton bikes have a compact design but don’t let its size fool you. Each component of the bike is crafted to deliver the best bike commuter experience. It has small wheels which provide a reduced surface area allowing the rider to accelerate quickly not to mention they are also puncture-resistant. The foldable frame is made from durable steel and it offers excellent manoeuvrability for navigating the urban jungle.

Fold & Store

It’s folding design is unique and very ingenious. You can fold and reassemble a Brompton bike in less than 20 seconds. Its folding mechanism is very easy to manage and will not stress you out if you need to stash it away quickly. The frame is also lightweight and compact that you can store it conveniently and take it anywhere indoors, in public transport or even in an aeroplane. You wouldn’t need to worry about your bike getting stolen outside because you can take it with you inside.

If you need to protect your bike from the elements, there are accessories available such as covers and just because the bike is small doesn’t mean that you can’t carry anything around with it. There are bags and satchels of all kinds of design that you can attach to your bike.

One Frame, One Perfect Ride

Brompton bikes don’t specify between men’s or ladies’ city bikes. The experts at Brompton spent more than 25 years crafting their one frame design, to provide the perfect ride for everyone. Of course, you’d want to add your own individual flair and style that’s why their cool city bikes can be customised through handlebars, luggage and a choice of 12 striking colours.

Packed with innovation, Brompton bikes are surely one of the best city bikes around. Book a test ride and experience it for yourself and join the Brompton family.

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