Raffles City Singapore hosts a new electric showcase.

A couple of years ago, if you had mentioned the word ‘electricity’ and ask someone to think of a name beginning with the letter T, the answer might probably be Thor. These days, there’s a new T in town. We’re talking about Tesla.

The famous electric car company, Tesla has finally made its debut in Singapore, but before you begin lamenting about the need to go to some far-flung industrial area of Singapore to see these cars, the first Tesla showroom in Singapore is actually located right in Raffles City Singapore, at the heart of the city! Yes, it’s true. You can dine, shop and do some car viewing in a single location. Amazing.

The Tesla showroom at Raffles City Singapore is the only place in Singapore where you can walk in and view these gorgeous cars up close. The showroom is located within ONE Assembly on the first level. For the uninitiated, ONE Assembly is a creative partnership between BHG Singapore and Raffles City Singapore, featuring beauty, fashion, home and living, and experiential offerings.

The Tesla vehicles are definitely something to be experienced for yourself. To get you all excited, check out our ‘Behind the Scenes’ video as our CapitaLand INSIDE hosts take you inside the showroom and up close to the Tesla Model 3 cars.

On display at the showroom are the two different models of the Tesla Model 3, the standard version as well as the performance version. The Tesla Model 3 is currently the only model on sale in Singapore and buyers can start placing their orders today for delivery in the later part of the year.

If you’re keen on the performance model, head to the sexy red car in the showroom, while the standard model is the grey model on the floor. Both cars are packed full of innovative and thoughtful features but instead of confusing and way too many dials on the dashboard, what you get is a sleek tablet. Through the tablet, you are able to control almost every feature in the car via the tablet’s touchscreen or the steering wheel.

Shop, Dine and now, do some car viewing. All in a single integrated development
The Tesla Model 3 Standard Model

From the big screen to the small screen, you can also use your own smart phone to interface with your car. For example, from your smart phone, you can unlock the car, open the boot and our personal favourite feature, switch on the aircon even before you get to the car – perfect for the sweltering weather of Singapore.

Now, for some electric stats. The Tesla Model 3 standard model has a range of up to 448km while the performance model has a range of up to 567km. That means, you can cover more than 10 times of the length of Singapore’s Pan-Island Expressway on a full charge. Plus, as an electric car, you’ll also get more cargo space. The front and back of the car, offers some 690 liters worth of space for you to store your items.

If you’re thinking of embracing a more sustainable lifestyle or just a passionate motorhead, head down to Raffles City Singapore to see the car for yourself – it is definitely an experience not to be missed!

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