Earlier this week, Google ceased rolling out services for the Chinese smartphone company Huawei in order to comply with the orders of the US government. This is due to the existing trade war between the countries involved.

This isn’t limited to Google — US tech firms like Intel and Qualcomm also stopped providing hardware to Huawei.

A few days ago, this ban was temporarily and partially lifted, allowing transactions with US companies to maintain customer support. However, the company is still restricted from releasing hardware utilizing products from US companies. Moreover, this temporary ban lift is in effect only until August 19 of this year.


Now, we are faced with two possibilities. The relationship between US and Huawei can be restored and things will be back to how they were. On the flip side, the ban will once again take full effect once the lift lapses.

For users of existing Huawei devices, there is no need to worry, since you may still enjoy Google’s services like Google Play and Android’s security updates.

Now, if the ban remains, Huawei isn’t too far from being prepared. Since 2012, Huawei has been developing its own operating system in case it gets barred from Android. Reports state that in its current state, the Huawei OS is not ready to be launched yet.

Right now, Huawei is in a tight spot. They could either continue negotiations with US. On the other hand, they could hasten the developments both in hardware and software so that they could gain full liberation from its US tech partners.

We Live In A Connected World

Huawei being barred from using Google’s services shows that we now live in a deeply connected world. It shows that big companies and governments cannot exist or be isolated on their own. USA and China are two major superpowers in the world. Their laws and policies will surely create ripples across the world and the effects will not only be limited to their countries alone.

Huawei is already the world’s second largest manufacturer of smartphones; An amazing feat considering that it goes head-to-head with Apple and Samsung. Competition among these big tech companies can be viewed as something that is positive. It encourages and drives innovation and research. We may lapse into complacency if we only remain in the status quo.

What The Future Holds

With just three months to prepare to reestablish itself without their US partners in the frame is a steep mountain for Huawei to climb. Will Huawei succumb in this upset or soar to even greater heights? At this point, only time can tell.

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